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Elections of 2015. EAPL even stronger!

Municipal elections of 2015 are over. The party Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania confirmed its unrivalled position in Vilnius Region and received the record-equalling support in the country as well as in Vilnius. In order to see the full picture of the growing strength of the party it is worth comparing the results of the latest elections with those of four years ago.
By systematic and organizational work, filled with dedication, Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania extends its electorate and receives more support in all subsequent elections. It was seen during the elections to the Seimas, during presidential elections and during elections to the European Parliament. This time, during the municipal elections, this strong and growing tendency has also been confirmed. EAPL acquired 8% of votes throughout the range of the country, by a quarter more (namely by about 14,000 votes more) than in the municipal elections of 2011. In addition, it reached over 17% of votes in Vilnius, or 9,000 votes more than four years ago. The coalitional block Valdemar Tomaševski won 70 seats throughout the country – five times more than last time. It’s a big increase in support showing a positive tendency, and it is also a proof of the accuracy of the party program and the right strategy that is accepted by voters. These record results have to shut the mouths of all critics on duty who are serving extremely anti-Polish propaganda of Mr Landsbergis and attacking politicians of Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania. The voters gave a clear signal which is the best answer to their baseless criticism.

But these elections were unique in another way too. For the first time in the history of Lithuania mayors were elected directly. This new political challenge proved unbeatable support and victory of Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania in Vilnius Region. In Vilnius district Marija Rekst gained 60% of votes, and in Šalčininkai district Zdzislav Palevič gained 77% of votes. This way Vilnius Region made it clear showing who they trust by giving their affairs into the hands of politicians of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania.

A separate chapter of Lithuanian politics is Vilnius. Here the point of municipal electioneering has been focused to which Lithuanian parties have thrown largest forces. Valdemar Tomaševski, the chairman of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania, confirmed his strong position in the capital by gaining high result of more then 17% of votes (37 547 votes). Valdemar Tomaševski took third place among 12 candidates. He got an almost identical result as the current mayor Zuokas and significantly beat, among others, the Social Democrats’ candidate of the ruling party and the candidate of the Landsbergis’ Conservatives. The chairman of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania defeated two largest Lithuanian parties and showed that he belongs to the group of the most important politicians in Lithuania and political opponents must take his voice into account. This is a proof of stable and strong position of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania in the political stage.

Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania once again has shown that by leading fair policy, based on Christian values and leaning over the problems of every human being, they can gain the trust of the voters. In addition, a far-sighted strategy of uniting various communities and national minorities is a straight way to electoral success that ensures the best protection of their rights. The municipal elections are the best example of it.

Dr. Bogusław Rogalski, Political scientist
ECR Advisor for the international affairs at the European Parliament