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1st September – a sad holiday for national minorities

‘Despite the holiday marking the beginning of the school year on 1st September, the mood is not festive due to the increasing problems in the educational system, especially for the national minorities,’ said the parents of national minorities’ schools’ students during the press conference in Seimas. Their views and demands were supported by the representatives of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania. Read more

Record survey support for EAPL

Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania (EAPL) beat records of popularity. The survey support for the party has reached 5 percent in July 2015. This is the highest quotation of the party recorded in the polls over the past several years. The survey was carried out by the company ‘Baltijos tyrimai’ on the order of ELTA agency on 10-23 July 2015. The survey company asked residents for which national party they would vote if the Seimas elections were held in the near future. Read more

Statement regarding the strike

We, parents of children of Polish schools, state, that we announce general strike from the beginning of the new academic year. We are forced to take such radical actions due to the fact that our requests and demands have not been heard and implemented so far. Read more