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National minoritiesin Lithuaniawill stand for their schools

About two thousand people including students, teachers, and parents arrived on 1st June, on the International Children’s Day, to the square next to the edifice of the Government of Lithuania in order to express their protest against the destruction of national minorities’ education by Lithuanian authorities. Read more

Rally for the defence of the national minority schools

Rally against the discrimination of national minority schools in the Vilnius Region will take place on 1st June at 4 pm on Vinco Kudirkos Square near the Government of the Republic of Lithuania. The rally is organised by the Forum of Parents of Polish Schools and parents of Russian schools students. Read more

The appeal for the defence of Polish schools in Lithuania

On 29th April – 3rd May representatives of the Polish community in Lithuania visited Poland to celebrate the Day of Polonia and Poles Abroad and the 25th anniversary of the association ‘Wspólnota Polska’ (Polish Community) on the invitation of the Polish Foreign Minister Grzegorz Schetyna and the President of ‘Wspólnota Polska’ Longin Komołowski. On 2nd May the official meeting of EAPL delegation with Polish Vice Ministers of Foreign Affairs Konrad Pawlik and Henryka Mościcka-Dendys took place. During the meeting, the situation of Polish minority in Lithuania was discussed. Particular attention was paid to the problems currently surrounding the Polish education in Lithuania. Below we publish the letter of the EAPL representatives to the head of Polish diplomacy Grzegorz Schetyna.

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Post-election analysis. Who won and who lost?

Elections to local governments’ councils took place this month in Lithuania.
Some players of Lithuanian political scene reported the decline of their popularity among voters. However, others, including the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania, enjoyed the growing support of the citizens.

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Elections of 2015. EAPL even stronger!

Municipal elections of 2015 are over. The party Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania confirmed its unrivalled position in Vilnius Region and received the record-equalling support in the country as well as in Vilnius. In order to see the full picture of the growing strength of the party it is worth comparing the results of the latest elections with those of four years ago. Read more