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Further EAPL popularity growth

Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania is more and more popular in our country.
According to the newest results of survey conducted by the company Spinter tyrimai, and published by the portal Delfi, it appears that the popularity of Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania (EAPL) has reached 4,7% in June. It was 3,9% in May.

Result of 4,7% is the biggest survey rating of EAPL.

Over 25% residents taking part in the survey said that they would take part in the Seimas elections or they have not made the decision yet on whom to vote.

According to the way of defining popularity of parties by the method used in another countries, for example in Poland, when the percentage of people who are not going to vote and people who are undecided is not taken into consideration, support for EAPL could reach more than 6 percent. Survey makers in Lithuania usually understate scores of parties nearly twice or three times. It results, inter alia, from the specificity of carrying out researches in districts and from certain attitude of people and subjects which are commissioning the researches.

Having in mind the fact that all survey makers in Lithuania are significantly understating the results of surveys of the EAPL support, it should be accepted that currently this party enjoys much greater rate of popularity.