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Valdemar Tomaševski as a vice-president of the Council of World Polonia

Another plenary convention of the member organizations of the Council of World Polonia took place on 1st-2nd May in Pułtusk. Poles from 32 countries took part in it. Council of World Polonia unites Polonia organizations and other organizations uniting Poles abroad. It represents 20 million Poles living all around the world. Participants discussed inner matters of the organizations, but they also talked about the relations of Council of World Polonia with Polish authorities. Lots of attentions has been paid to the topic of the defense of good name of Poland and Poles in the world, Polish education abroad, part of Polish communities in the political and social life in their countries of residence. The participants also talked about the preparations to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the regaining of Independence of Poland.

The deliberations were of reporting-electoral character. Reports of the works were submitted by the president Jan Cytowski, members of the presidium, including vice-presidents, audit commission. New authorities of the Council of World Polonia were elected. Teresa Berezowski from the Canadian Polish Congress became the president of the Council. Valdemar Tomaševski, Member of the European Parliament from Lithuania has been elected as the vice-president of the organization. Helena Miziniak from the Federation of Poles in Great Britain became the second vice-president.

The 10-members presidium of the Council of World Polonia has been formed during the convention too. Below are the presidium members (in addition to the president and two vice-presidents): Tadeusz Adam Pilat from the Association of Polonia Organizations in Sweden (secretary), Aleksander Zając  from Convent of Polish Organizations in Germany (treasurer), Bożena Kamiński from the Polish American Congress, Marek Domaradzki from the Canadian Polish Congress, Leszek Wikariusz from the Polish Community Council of Australia, Czesław Maryszczak representing the World Association of Polish Ex-Combatants, Halina Romanowa from the Congress of Poles in Russia. 

Yet another plenary meeting of the Council of World Polonia will take place this year. Then, the new statute shall be adopted. Also, the World Polonia Convention (which should take place in 2018) will be appointed.