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Valdemar Tomaševski: we have achieved a lot and we will achieve even more

What sort of correlation is there between late Msgr. Juzef Obrembski, late Priest Antoni Dziekan, Priest Dariusz Stańczyk, late Andrzej Stelmachovski,  Valdemar Tomaševski and Cardinal Henryk Gulbinowicz? All these outstanding figures were awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of the Vilnius District.

Last Friday the House of Polish Culture held a ceremony which celebrated Member of the European Parliament and Chairman of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania Valdemar Tomaševski being awarded with this honorable distinction. The event was organized by the local government of the Vilnius district.

Patriotically themed musical and poetical composition performed by Multifunctional Centre of Culture in Rudomina and Theatre Studio in Vilnius created and elevated mood for many guests gathered to the inaugural ceremony. The atmosphere, created by the stage artists, harmoniously complemented both the activity as well as the character of V. Tomaševski, to both of which his motto ‘God, Honour, Homeland’ applies.

Following numerous wishes and congratulations, the host read congratulatory letters sent to the local government of the Vilnius district by the Chairman of the party ‘Law and Justice’ Jarosław Kaczyński, Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Polish Peasant Party, Member of the European Parliament Jarosław Kalinowski and Member of the European Parliament Mirosław Piotrowski.

Below is the congratulatory letter sent by the Chairman of the party ‘Law and Justice’ Jarosław Kaczyński.

Dear Mr Deputy,

Please accept my heartfelt congratulations on being awarded with the title of Honorary Citizen of the Vilnius District. The title is well-deserved and exceptionally worthy of you, Sir, a renowned advocate of Polishness and a man for whom Polishness is a duty, a mission and a purpose of life.

The ceremony of you being named Honorary Citizen of the Vilnius District also carries a message addressed to all of us – we should care for and teach Polishness to young people, teach the history, shape patriotic attitudes.

It is an important task, especially now, when the notions of ‘God’, ‘Honour’, and ‘Homeland’ are fading away into a dimension of disdain and mockery. Your work serves as an example of demonstrating and teaching Polishness, and is a part of our common mission in daily and timeless fashion. Your achievements are equally important to people in Poland, as well as to Poles all around the world. For all of this I thank you, Mr Deputy, on behalf of myself as well as our whole ‘Law and Justice’ party, and I think I will not be exaggerating when adding that also on behalf of our many compatriots.

Please accept my heartfelt congratulations and wishes for further successes in both professional and personal life.

Yours sincerely,

Jarosław Kaczyński

‘V. Tomaševski enjoys growing support in the Vilnius district – he is being increasingly voted for by not only the representatives of national minorities, but also by Lithuanians,’ said the host of the award ceremony, renowned Vilnius artist Barbara Kuzinevič. She also presented the most important facts from the biography of the new Honorary Citizen of the Vilnius District.

Tomaševski received a special gift from the initiators of the event – local government of the Vilnius district. The film ‘Great ordinary man’ was presented during the ceremony. The subtitle of the film was ‘God, Honour, Homeland’. It was about the leader of Poles in Lithuania as seen by Tomaševski’s former and present colleagues, residents of the Vilnius Region, and voters.

Member of the European Parliament Jarosław Kalinowski, the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Polish Peasant Party, urged to learn patriotism from Poles in Lithuania. He also noted that he had an immense pleasure of knowing V. Tomaševski for ten years already. In turn Member of the European Parliament Mirosław Piotrowski distinguished Tomaševski as an outstanding politician, who, while successfully working on European level, continues to listen to the voice of the voter and stays close to common people.

‘I will be voting for V. Tomaševski until I die,’ a venerable voter said kindly when asked just outside the polling station for whom she voted. Jadvyga Tomaševska, mother of the leader of Poles in Lithuania, also starred in the film. She said that her son has been fighting for justice since childhood, and was famous for his patriotism, which was instilled in their family’s patriotic household. She expressed happiness for the son’s achievements, however stressed that because of the many absurdities, unjust accusations and slander directed at her son, she worries about his health.

Also the Mayor of the Vilnius district Marija Rekst and Vice-mayor Jan Mincevič stressed in the movie deep Tomaševski’s devotion  to Christian values. Moreover, Dr. Bogusław Rogalski, ECR Advisor for the international affairs at the European Parliament pointed out that the new Honorary Citizen bears an unusual trait for modern-day politicians – honesty.

‘We are fortunate to live and work alongside or under the leadership of such an ordinary, however great man. This is a modest gratitude for such a colossal work and efforts for the sake of the Vilnius district. To show the amount of work that you, Mr Chairman, put into the development of our district, entire series of episodes are necessary,’ – said M. Rekst after handing the badge of Honorary Citizen of the Vilnius District to Valdemar Tomaševski. Known for his modesty, after receiving the award he quietly took his seat.

Jarosław Czubiński, Polish Ambassador in Lithuania, has been authorized by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, Grzegorz Schetyna, to deliver sincere congratulations and greetings to Mr Tomaševski, what he did ‘with great pleasure and envy, because who would not want to be an Honorary Citizen of the dynamically developing district of Vilnius?’ the head of the Polish diplomatic mission in Lithuania asked rhetorically.

Former ambassador of Poland in Lithuania, currently President of the foundation ‘Assistance to Poles in the East’, Janusz Skolimowski, talked about happiness and good fortune, which has always accompanied V. Tomaševski and wished him felicity and happiness in the future. ‘V. Tomaševski is a lucky man in life. Firstly, he was born in the Vilnius Region. Secondly, he was born as a Pole, has wonderful parents and wife. He was lucky to live in a period of time, when it was possible to embrace Polishness, he is also lucky to have you all – great friends.’
Longin Komołowski, President of the ‘Association of Polish Community’, also mentioned happiness. ‘You are lucky to have V. Tomaševski with all his talents. Although our today’s hero is still young, he has already left a clear footprint,’ he said, and added that Poles in Lithuania, having such a leadership, are fortunate to know where they are heading, and underlined that nations without leaders usually do not know in which direction they are going. ‘The attitude of Poles around the world is of high importance to Poland. Your role is very visible, important and sensible to Poland,’ said L. Komołowski.
Chairwoman of the Seimas EAPL faction Rita Tamašunienė expressed gratitude to God for V.Tomaševski’s correct interpretation of God’s plan, and, although having outstanding mathematical and organizational skills, not following the path of a mathematician nor establishing an entrepreneurship, but instead pursuing a political career, becoming the leader of Polish community in Lithuania.

Mayor of the Šalčininkai district Zdzislav Palevič noted that gaining the trust of people in the Vilnius Region is rather challenging. ‘You have to earn it. The Council of the local government of the Vilnius district expressed the wishes of not only the Vilnius district, but others as well,’ he said and added that V.Tomaševski is the right person in the right place, and serves as a living example of boldness and bravery in ‘swimming against the tide’, proving it to be a righteous and fruitful choice in life.

‘Vilnius would have been different without you, ‘ said Vanda Kravčionok, Vice-chairwoman of the Seimas EAPL faction.
‘Valdemar Tomaševski has been de facto Honourary Citizen of the Vilnius Region for a long time now. The titles cannot keep up with the merits of today’s hero,’ said Zbignev Jedinskij, member of the Seimas from the Electoral Action.
Vice-mayor of the Trakai district, Marija Puč thanked V.Tomaševski for righteousness, diligence and humanity. ‘We are your students,’ she added.

Asked to take the floor, V.Tomaševski acknowledged being ashamed, and noted that he is honoured to have received this distinction, adding further that today’s ceremony was organized not only for him, but ‘for those present and absent, for the voters, and for those, above all, who still do not vote’.

He declared that the crucial values for him are honesty, attention to – and at this point he humbly apologized for using this term – ordinary people. The values, he further commented, which are not practiced in the current world of politics and governing. ‘Results and figures are not an aim in itself, but rather a tool serving the voters. Vilnius district should be proud of the fact that it indeed cares about citizens,’ he said citing the examples such as subsidies for heating and water, tax allowance for farmers. He also mentioned the lowest debt and the highest investment rates, and, nevertheless, absence of corruption scandals.

The new Honourary Citizen expressed gratitude to his mother present at the ceremony, who has had a 52-year pedagogical career, was a co-founder and the first chairman of the Association of Poles in Lithuania in Platiniškės. He also thanked his father, late Vladyslav Tomaševski, who was a principal of the Polish Primary School in Platiniškės for many years. V. Tomaševski also thanked his wife Violeta and his colleagues for continued relentless support.
‘We have achieved a lot and we will achieve even more,’ the new Honourary Citizen finally declared, empowering the words with his distinctive energy and charisma.

Among the numerous guests of the event were priests, performing their ministry in the Vilnius Region, politicians, local government officials, governors, heads of institutions that operate in the Region, colleagues and friends of V.Tomaševski.

The resolution to award the leader of EAPL with this title was adopted in March this year by the local government of the Vilnius district. It was the residents and communities of Lavoriškės, Buivydžiai, and Sužionys who proposed to grant the honourary citizenship to the chairman of EAPL. The proposal to give the title to Tomaševski has already been made 10 years ago, but then he did not agree with it.

Below you will find the contents of the congratulatory letter sent by the chairman of the Supreme Council of the Polish Peasant Party, Members of the European Parliament Jarosław Kalinowski.

‘Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I send my most sincere congratulations to Mr Valdemar Tomaševski on being awarded with the title of the Honourary Citizen of the Vilnius District. This award is unique and deserved by only those that devote themselves to the affairs of the Vilnius Region and its inhabitants.
I have said it many times – it is best to learn Polish patriotism in the Vilnius Region. To truly understand, what is love for homeland, you have to come here, where people enjoy every word spoken in their native language, and where they fight for Polishness every day. V.Tomaševski has become the symbol of this struggle. (…)

My dear friend Valdemar,

I would like to personally thank you for your hard work and effort, which you have demonstrated over the years, working for the sake of Polishness. Let the title of the Honourary Citizen of the Vilnius District provide you with proof of recognition from the local people, but also be a commitment to continue your work in the future.

With kind regards,

Jaroslaw Kalinowski,

Member of the European Parliament

Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Polish Peasant Party. ‘



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