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EAPL-CFA among five most popular parties in Lithuania

Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania – Christian Families Alliance (EAPL-CFA) has more and more sympathizers and supporters. 6.9 percent inhabitants of Lithuania would vote for  EAPL-CFA if the elections took place tomorrow. At present, EAPL-CFA is fifth on the list of the most popular parties in the country. A public opinion survey was conducted by ‘Baltijos tyrimai’ poll agency on the request of ELTA news agency on 10th-19th March. According to the survey, the Lithuanian Farmers and Greens Union is still the most popular party among Lithuanians. The party enjoys the support of 30.3 percent of residents.

Lithuanian polls do not predict adequately the results of EAPL-CFA  in elections. This is due, among others, the specificity of carrying out researches in regions and specific attitude of persons and entities carrying out these researches.

For example, EAPL-CFA gained 5.8 percent of votes in the last parliamentary elections, when the polls predicted the support of just 3-4%. To add, the surveys carried out before the last presidential elections in 2014 predicted the 1.1 percent support for Valdemar Tomaševski, while he managed to get 8,4 percent of votes during the actual elections.

Considering the fact that all poll agencies in Lithuania significantly underestimate the support ratings for the EAPL-CFA and taking into account the dynamics of a stable support for the party, it can be assumed that nowadays the party enjoys greater popularity.

The results of parties are presented below. It has to be mentioned that respondents who were undecided or not intending to participate in the elections were not taken into account.

No  Parties   February 2017  March 2017
1. Lithuanian Peasant and Greens Union 30,6 proc. 30,3 proc.
2. Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats 18,1 proc. 17,7 proc.
3. Social Democratic Party of Lithuania 16,3 proc. 16,4 proc.
4. Liberal Movement 12,2 proc. 12,9 proc.
5. EAPL-CFA 5,9 proc. 6,9 proc.
6. Order and Justice 7,9 proc. 5,9 proc.
7. Lithuanian Centre Party 3,3 proc. 4,3 proc.
8. Labour party 2,8 proc. 2,3 proc.
9. Other parties 0,1 proc. 0,3 proc.
  Total votes 100 proc. 100 proc.