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Statement of the EAPL-CFA Press Office

Due to the recent attacks against the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania – Christian Families Alliance (EAPL-CFA) by the deputy Laurynas Kaščiūnas, alleged Christian Democrat, and spreading this by some of the media (Delfi, ZW), the Press Office of the EAPL-CFA party states, that EAPL-CFA is a real Christian Democratic party having no links with the former system. Just like the deputy Zbignev Jedinskij, also attacked by L. Kaščiūnas.

Facebook posts of Z. Jedinskij, that were used for the attacks against EAPL-CFA, are nothing else than Jedinskij’s personal opinion. He often expresses his pacifist views, sometimes sarcastically, sometimes in principle. Besides, he also used to express his anti-communist views in Soviet times and together with very few today’s politicians did not belong to any Soviet children or youth organizations, even the pioneers, what he often emphasizes on his Facebook profile too.

He acted similarly in response to his opponents, when he clearly listed their true colors. We should not pay a lot of attention to the deputy L. Kaščiūnas, who deserved the opinion of a political clown thanks to his frequent freaks. He can even be called a liar after his recent lies about the alleged backwardness of the Vilnius district. However, real arguments about the actual face of the Conservative party presented by the deputy Z. Jedinskij are noteworthy.

1. There are many former activists of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union among the Conservatists’ deputies and conservatists occupying high positions;

2. Leader of the Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats – G. Landsbergis – has non-Christian views, speaks in favor of LGBT.

3. The Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats often has extreme nationalist views and even had Lithuanian nationalist deputies among its members, who were generously supported by Stalin before the war;

4. Turning of the deputy L. Kaščiūnas to the Chairman of Law and Justice Jarosław Kaczyński is the pinnacle of hypocrisy, as namely the Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats humiliated late President Lech Kaczyński on the eve of his tragic death – the party included the topic of names’ spelling on the agenda of the Seimas in a hurry and later rejected the law on the spelling of names with a huge majority of votes.

Law and Justice politicians know about the duplicity and hypocrisy of conservatists, i.e. Christian Democrats. So it was not a coincidence when about 7 years ago Law and Justice ended a cooperation agreement with that party. Therefore, antics of some political clowns, even coordinated with the specific media, are simply ridiculous.

EAPL-CFA Press Office

24th January 2017