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Prayers in the intention of the protection and development of the Polish education in Lithuania

Last Wednesday (3rd June) community of Polish schools in Lithuania attended the Mass in the Church of the Holy Spirit in Vilnius to pray for the protection and development of the Polish education in Lithuania.
Last Wednesday a Holy Mass was held in the Church of the Holy Spirit in Vilnius in the intention of Polish education in Lithuania, of preservation of its current state, of suspension of the unfavorable reform and of a dynamic development of Polish schools in the Vilnius Region. Many students, teachers and parents attended the mass. Communities of schools from the Vilnius Region that were already accredited also attended the mass to show their solidarity.

‘It is important that we raise our daily situations to God, remembering the words of the Holy Script that for God nothing is impossible. We believe that these prayers do not go in vain and we believe that God in his grace will listen to them,’ – said the Priest of the Church of the Holy Spirit in Vilnius Tadeuš Jasinski while celebrating the Holy Mass. He stressed that Polish schools in the Vilnius Region are a beautiful example of devotion to God. There is also a lot of vocations to the priesthood, therefore it is one more reason to preserve these schools, their status and development.
‘We believe that thanks to our prayers responsible people will look with care and a sense of justice and accountability to the just demands raised by parents and students. Strong attitude is a clear sign that something is wrong here, especially if people protest in various forms, ‘- said the Priest.

The Mass was also celebrated by the Parish Priest of Assumption of Mary in Maišiagala Juzef Askelovič.

The Mass was also attended by the Chairman of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania, Member of the European Parliament Valdemar Tomaševski, Chairwoman of the Seimas EAPL faction Rita Tamašunienė, Mayor of Vilnius district Marija Rekst, former Deputy Minister of Education and Science, Vilnius City Councilor Edita Tamošiūnaitė, and others.

All the gathered prayed for those who are not indifferent to the fate of Poles in Lithuania . Also, they prayed for those in power so that they could always guard the protection of dignity of all people and remember the humble nature of their vocation. The participants of the Mass also prayed for the teachers who taught in the previous year, so that the teachers could enjoy gratitude and respect for their work.