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Christian values, social justice and fair politics

Voters’ support for the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania – Christian Families Alliance (EAPL-CFA) remains stably high.

According to the results of the survey conducted on 1-14 July commissioned by the agency ELTA, 4.8 percent of the residents of Lithuania would vote for EAPL-CFA during the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

This is a survey support for the party, while the real one is much higher.

Survey agencies tend to inadequately predict the results of EAPL-CFA. It is due to the specificity of testing in the regions and the specific attitudes of individuals and entities that outsource the conduct of surveys.

Before the recent presidential elections in 2014 surveys predicted the support of only 1.1 percent, while Valdemar Tomaševski managed to get 8.4 percent of votes.

The situation was similar when speaking about the recent elections to the European Parliament. The prediction was 2 percent, while the real result amounted to 8 percent.

There was also a huge gap between the predicted results for EAPL and the real ones before the municipal elections in 2015.

Having in mind the tendency to lower the support level for EAPL-CFA, it should be assumed that the party is now enjoying much higher support.

Such support is absolutely normal, as EAPL-CFA is one of the parties in the Seimas that has never been involved in any corruption scandal. Chairman of the party V. Tomaševski is known as a brave and honest politician. The program of the party is directed towards increasing the income of ordinary people, especially families with children and old age pensioners. The EAPL-CFA faction in the Lithuanian Seimas has developed and registered the following draft laws:

1.    to increase the pensions by 30 percent by their indexation – aligning the amount of the base pension to 0.25 of the average monthly salary;

2.    to pay monthly benefit of 120 euros for the second and each subsequent child in a family;

3.    to introduce a bank tax in order to obtain additional funds for the implementation of the above-mentioned draft laws.

The EAPL-CFA proposals regarding free essential medicines for persons older than 75 years old are particularly important as well as the reimbursement of medicines for persons who have already spent more than 30 euros per month for medicines.

According to the decisions of the conference, which took place on 2nd August 2016, the EAPL-CFA candidates list will include 141 candidates representing Polish, Russian, Belorussian, Tatar and other national minorities’ organizations and Lithuanian communities of the country too. The list will be led by Rita Tamašunienė, chairwoman of the EAPL-CFA faction in the Seimas. The chief architect of the strategy and tactics of the election campaign of the party – member of the European Parliament Valdemar Tomaševski – will personally manage the central electoral headquarters.

Christian values, social justice and fair politics are the main mottoes of the EAPL-CFA party. Basing on the results of numerous meetings with voters, it was stated that EAPL-CFA should get 10 percent of votes during the elections what would allow the party to have even 15 fair and principled representatives in the Seimas.