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New name of EAPL

During the 8th reporting-elective convention of the EAPL party, delegates unanimously made amendments to the Statute of EAPL. The most important change was the addition made to the name of the party. From now on the new name of the party will be ‘Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania – Christian Families Alliance’ (EAPL-CFA).

When speaking about the reasons of the amended name, Valdemar Tomaševski said that the party has to follow the rhythm of time; Christian and family values are the most important. He also added that the name of the party was not changed, but only complemented.

‘I started to talk about the new name yet in 2009. Our party is operating towards Christian democracy and we will become the proper Christian democracy in Lithuania,’ ensured Tomaševski.

A resolution on the strategic partnership with the Association of Poles in Lithuania has been approved during the convention too. Delegates have also adopted a resolution on discrimination against national minorities’ education in which they expressed their support for the demands of the communities of schools of national minorities in Lithuania.

One more important decision was made during the convention – Valdemar Tomaševski was elected as the Chairman of EAPL-CFA once again. He has been the chairman of the party since 1999. Tomaševski said, that he will do his best in leading the party.

Marija Rekst, Leonard Talmont, Zbignev Jedinskij, Vanda Kravčionok and Zdzislav Palevič were elected as vice-chairmen of the party for another 4-year term. The Governing Council was also formed. Renata Sobieska- Monkevič became the secretary responsible. Moreover, Audit Commission and Supervisory Commission (chairwoman -Rasa Tamošiūnienė) were formed.

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