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Helpful EAPL initiative

Last week (17th March) the Seimas has adopted the amendments of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania (EAPL) whose aim is to decrease the VAT on the most necessary food to 5 %.
During the first reading, the amendments were supported by 62 deputies, 9 were against, and 5 refrained.

The Chairwoman of the EAPL faction in the Seimas Rita Tamašunienė stated, that the economic development of the country progresses, therefore there is a need to financially relieve inhabitants of the smallest income including people receiving the minimum wage (20% of the total working population in Lithuania), seniors (over 30% of the population), as well as other groups of residents which are in difficult financial situation.

Currently the VAT in Lithuania is 21%. If the Seimas adopts the amendments, then the food prices will drop by 16%. Such a reduction in prices will be a significant relief for the families in Lithuania.

The amendments will be discussed in the Seimas committees and then will be back on the plenary on 3rd May.