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Rally next to the US Embassy on Tuesday

Tomorrow, on 22nd March, the rally in the defense of national minorities’ education will take place next to the Embassy of the United States in Vilnius.
After a successful rally in defense of the national minority schools threatened with degradation or liquidation which took place on 17th March and gathered about 1000 people, another strike next to the US Embassy has been announced by the organizers – Forum of the Parents of Polish Schools in Lithuania, Committees of the Defense of National Minorities Schools, and Strike Committees of the Polish Schools in Lithuania.

Organizers claim, that they do not want to protest against anyone. They just want to gather in defense of oppressed education of national minorities.

Lithuanian citizens of Polish nationality will turn to the US Ambassador to Lithuania with the request of protection of national minorities’ education in Vilnius. They will also express their dissatisfaction against the nationalist politics pursued by the present ruling coalition in Vilnius and will protest again discrimination in other fields, i.e. process of the land return to its rightful owners in the Vilnius Region.