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EAPL thanked for successful elections in the Gates of Dawn

Last Thursday a Mass was celebrated in the Gates of Dawn during which citizens thanked for the good results of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania in the elections of council members and mayors.

‘We gather here as one family with our common Mother of Mercy, with our one Father who is our Father in heaven. We come here as Children of God to thank for all the graces, gifts, achievements, and successes,’ said Priest Monsignor Jan Kasiukevic who is also a curator of the Gates of Dawn. The Mass was also celebrated by Priests Juzef Askelovic, Tadeusz Jasinski, Miroslav Balcevic, and Kazimir Gvozdovic.

EAPL thanked the Creator for His blessing during elections to local governments’ councils entrusting His Providence everyone representing voters in the local governments of the Vilnius Region and Lithuania.
The faithful prayed for a further blessing for the party, its leader Valdemar Tomasevski and all members and branch managers to make their work serve the society and bring abundant fruit.
People gathered also prayed for Marija Rekst and Zdzislav Palevic, Mayors of Vilnius and Salcininkai districts.
To add, prayers were said for young people so they would not fall into the trap of ideological concepts and would not be seduced by pernicious mentality of ‘temporariness’, but would build families and follow the light of faith.