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The Vilnius District Municipality to cover considerable part of heating and water costs

Due to the huge increase of raw materials’ prices, bills for heating and water increased too. In response to this situation, the faction of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania – Christian Families Alliance of the Vilnius District Municipality Council has registered a draft resolution, which had foreseen as much as 50% heating subsidy for residents as of January 2022. The Vilnius District Municipality would spend up to 2 million euros for this purpose.
Councillors from EAPL-CFA constitute the majority (19) of the 31-person Council of Vilnius District Municipality, so there is a great chance that the bill will be adopted. The meeting of the Council will be held on 28th January.

Moreover, following political discussion in the EAPL-CFA faction and the Vilnius District Municipality, a draft resolution concerning the support for all residents of the Vilnius District in the event of a drastic increase in heating prices was developed. It is planned to pay a one-time benefit of EUR 50-100 for each family depending on its status (persons with disabilities, retired) and incomes.

The Vilnius District Municipality was the first one out of all 60 municipalities in Lithuania to offer specific support to residents in the face of drastic inflation. The Vilnius District Municipality is already compensating part of the water costs and is spending about 600,000 euros per year for this purpose. Thanks to this, residents pay only 1.5 euro for 1 m³ of water.

The whole world is affected by inflation. Nevertheless, Poland, for example, has already taken real steps towards helping its inhabitants. The Polish government lowered the VAT on basic food products to 0 percent. It will reset the VAT rate on gas as of February too. Moreover, it has lowered the VAT rate on fuel to 8 percent, extended the reduction of 5 percent on VAT rates on electricity, and lowered VAT on heating to 5 percent. Other tax reliefs are also applied.

Lithuanian government, on the other hand, does not make such decisions, therefore the Vilnius District Municipality, managed by the EAPL-CFA, has taken the initiative towards its inhabitants, which will provide measurable support for the inhabitants of the Vilnius District.