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Surprisingly mild punishment for numerous crimes

Nerijus Janulevičius (24 years old) and his friend Jaroslav Malinovski (23 years old) were sentenced for only 8 months of public works for as much as three actions eligible under the Penalty Code: incitement to national strife, threats of assassination and the profanation of the Mausoleum of Marshal Józef Piłsudski in the Rasos Cemetery. The verdict was announced on Friday.

In November 2012 the two men hung a poster next to the Mausoleum of Marshal Józef Piłsudski in the Rasos Cemetery. The poster said: ‘Tomaševski, if you do not stop doing harm to Lithuania, your place will be here’. They also placed a cardboard box with inscriptions ‘Beware Bomb’ and ‘Poles will die’.

Having in mind the fact that Jaroslav Malinovski committed this crime before the expiration of his previous sentence, he will have to serve the total sentence of one year and ten months of imprisonment suspended for 2 years. Moreover, he will have to spend 60 hours on public works in medical, social care or other institutions.

Shortly after the announcement of the verdict the Lithuanian media (, clearly emphasized (even in their titles) that one of the punished, J. Malinovski, is a Pole from Lithuania. Many readers have expressed outrage in social networks because the nationality of one of the culprits was exposed, despite the fact that there were two guilty men. There were three more suspects in this case, but the proceedings against them were dismissed by a strange coincidence. They denied their participation in the crime, although Malinovski told, that they paid for the paint.

Readers are also surprised by a too light punishment, especially in the case of the recidivist J. Malinovski, who was already tried twice previously. Therefore, they ask rhetorically in their comments: maybe the court ruling was affected by some particular services that could guarantee symbolic fines for young offenders in exchange for cooperation.