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Valdemar Tomaševski on the debate on the situation in Poland

The debate on the situation in Poland took place in the European Parliament (EP) in Strasbourg last Tuesday. Valdemar Tomaševski, member of the EP, took part in the discussion on Poland.
‘The debate on the situation in Poland can be described with an idiom ‘much ado about nothing’. The accusations against Poland aroused serious doubts from the very beginning. It is true that at the beginning of the debate, European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans tried to create the impression that the institutions of the Polish State did not transfer Constitutional Court’s rulings on the legal system and the Polish Parliament allegedly made an action impeding jurisprudence, which, according to him, is a threat to the rule of law. The debate dispelled all these doubts,’ said Tomaševski.

‘The speech of Beata Szydło, the Prime Minister of Poland, was very good. She fought off any accusations, saying that Polish citizens wanted changes in a democratic act of electing and these changes are being introduced by the government. The Prime Minister strongly emphasized that freedom, equality, justice, and sovereignty are the values on which the Polish future is built. She also underlined that the democracy in Poland is in no way compromised, and the rule of law is currently being restored. And this is what Europeans should remember when building a community based on trust, not baseless criticism. Despite the fact that the debate was limited in time and only few deputies could take the floor, many politicians from different countries supported the position of the Polish Prime Minister,’ summarized Tomaševski.

‘After listening to the debate, I am convinced that the government of Beata Szydło and Poland will cope with unsubstantiated allegations that resulted from purely leftist, often anti-Christian prejudices of some European politicians. The debate proved that Poland has many friends in Europe on whom it can always count,’ noted Member of the EP.