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Attack on MP Jedinskij – a form of revenge for the Law on Lustration and the words of truth about the lawlessness of the A. Kubilus government

‘The Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania – Christian Families Alliance (EAPL-CFA) condemned the violence and the use of force against peaceful protesters in Belarus in the first days after the elections in this neighbouring country,’ said Valdemar Tomaševski, the chairman of this party in an interview for ‘Delfi’. In the opinion of the politician, ‘there is even no question about the fact that our party justifies such actions (of Lukashenko – author’s note), and we said about it last Tuesday, right after force was used against people. We said that our aim was to invite Lukashenko and the opposition to start a dialogue. By the way, our President also mentioned it.

On the other hand, when speaking about the actions of the MP Zbignev Jedinskij, who posted a post on Facebook, in which he compared the events in Minsk to the riots near the Lithuanian Parliament in 2009, when the protesters were shot with rubber bullets and beaten with truncheons, many of them were arrested, Tomaševski said that ‘the attack on Jedinskij is a result of the fear of the representatives of the Soviet nomenklatura, who are still in the Seimas, that Lithuanian citizens will remember the anti-constitutional actions of conservatives such as the appropriation of people’s pensions and their income’.

‘This post is dedicated to Kubilius and his partners, liberals, who then showed an attitude no less aggressive against the people than OMON in Belarus nowadays. The only difference is that in the case of Minsk the Minister of Interior apologized for the violence used against people, and in Lithuania no one apologized for the anti-constitutional actions of Landsbergis allies. Just like no one has been held responsible for shooting at their people,’ said EAPL-CFA Chairman.

‘Delfi’ reminds, that last weekend Zbignev Jedinskij posted on his Facebook page a following post: ‘Lukashenko learned from Lithuanian conservatives how to pacify protests. The difference is that in Belarus the police uphold the constitution, while the police in Lithuania in 2009 were on the side of those who broke the constitution, namely the police defended the power of conservatives, which, as a result of the so-called night reform, cut pensions and salaries by violating the constitution ‘. The post was illustrated by a recording of riots at the Seimas, which shows how the officers of the Internal Security Service use force to suppress the protest.

Commenting on the public criticism of Z. Jedinskij, Tomaševski said that the attack is ‘the response of former collaborators of the Soviet regime, who kept their CVs in secret for decades, to the questions raised in the Seimas by our party, primarily to the questions regarding lustration’.

Also, Valdemar Tomaševski added, that the ‘the similarity in the rhetoric of the Komsomol activist and the conservatives reflects their view on democracy, that in their opinion only one truth is allowed in Lithuania, the truth of conservatives or members of the Soviet nomenklatura occupying high political positions’.

‘With the help of his Facebook post, Z. Jedinskij sarcastically reminded conservatives of their mistakes. And nobody liked that. We, as a party, are the only ones who consistently cultivate Christian values, raise issues concerning the Lustration Act, the Istanbul Convention, and taxation of banks in the Seimas. The flatterers do not appreciate that, therefore every opportunity is good, even allowing them to interpret the statements of their opponents in a way that brings them benefits, which in addition increases the tension among residents,’ told Tomaševski.

What is more, the EAPL-CFA chairman stated that such ‘ruthless attacks against our party’ were also intensified because ‘the latest results of public opinion polls show that EAPL-CFA is supported by more and more voters of Lithuanian nationality throughout Lithuania’.