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Lithuanian Seimas adopted another EAPL resolution

Last Tuesday, the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuanian adopted the draft resolution presented by the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania regarding the increase of salaries of state budget employees who do not have the status of civil servants.

The parliamentary EAPL faction presented the resolution on 13th October and received the support of representatives of various political parties in the Lithuanian Parliament.20 deputies have signed the document in addition to the EAPL faction members.

‘This resolution is the first step towards increasing the salaries of social, cultural, communal employees and of other least-paid professionals and budgetary employees whose earnings may soon be aligned with the minimum wage. Our faction believes that the remuneration for work which requires higher education, great responsibility, qualifications and competence cannot be the same as for unskilled work. The increase of salaries of least-paid employees was anticipated in the electoral program of EAPL and we aim to consistently execute it,’ said the Chairwoman of the EAPL faction Rita Tamašunienė.