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Valdemar Tomaševski encouraged to stand for presidential elections in Lithuania

Chairman of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania – Christian Families Alliance (EAPL-CFA), Member of the European Parliament (MEP) told, that he is considering to stand for presidential elections in Lithuania in 2019.

Relevant proposals were submitted during numerous meetings with voters last spring as well as by  his colleagues form EAPL-CFA.

‘I am considering to stand for elections as there are such proposals and encouragements. The more so because this is nothing new for both our party and myself. I already stood twice and my results were not bad,’ said Tomaševski for

Valdemar Tomaševski managed to get 4,7 percent of votes in 2009. He decisively won in the Vilnius and Šalčininkai districts and took second place in Vilnius.

In 2014 he reached 8,4 percent of votes in Lithuania and won in Šalčininkai and Vilnius districts and in Visaginas, reaching 70%, 53% and 54% of votes respectively.  Tomaševski also took first place in numerous districts of the Vilnius city, as well as in Trakai, Švenčionys, Širvintos, Ignalina and Zarasai districts.

According to V. Tomaševski, the results were really optimistic.

EAPL-CFA chairman told, that there were no official discussions yet in the party on the subject of preparing for the presidential elections so he could not answer to the question if the party will have its own candidate and whether it will support another candidate. Nevertheless, Tomaševski told that he will inform about his decision to stand for presidential elections in a couple of months. 

‘There is still some time for consideration, the decision will be made in a couple of months,’ told Tomaševski.

The MEP is careful when speaking about official and unofficial presidential candidates. According to him, the most important thing is that the behavior of the candidates would be impeccable during the election campaign. 

‘I would not like to evaluate the candidates, it would be unethical. I think all of them are strong.The decision to stand for elections alone is a challenge and not an easy task. I appreciate all candidates who have their own proposals, who want to change our situation where needed. I think that the electoral campaign should be quite interesting. The most important thing is that it should be ethical,’ said Tomaševski.

Tomaševski’s colleagues told, that the chairman of the party is the best candidate for the president, so they did not hide that they were persuading him to take part in the elections.

‘He was already standing for presidential elections before. His results were good in the Vilnius Region. Branches will certainly choose him as a candidate,’ said Rita Tamašunienė, chairwoman of the EAPL-CFA Seimas faction.

Jaroslav Narkevič, member of the EAPL-CFA Seimas faction, former deputy speaker of the Seimas has similar opinion. According to him, Valdemar Tomaševski is the best candidate of EAPL-CFA.
‘Each party tries to  put up the best candidate and we will also do this. Our leader is the best candidate. It is a fact and it is not a secret,’ told Narkevič to

Presidential elections will take place on 12th May 2019. The potential second round – on 26th May.