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Huge protest rally on 16th October

Representatives of multiple environments are getting more and more dissatisfied with the unjust social policy in our country. It is particularly obvious in education sector.
Several hundred schools were shut down in Lithuania during last decade. It is causing big concerns among parents and students. Teachers are losing their jobs, while their profession is losing prestige and appreciation in society. In kindergartens, meanwhile, the social position of employees has worsened catastrophically.

A lot of concern caused by inadequate social guarantees and liberalization of employment relationship is also noticeable in other fields: culture and social care. New Labour Code prepared by the Government is interpreted by employees as further depletion of their social guarantees, which conflicts with electoral promises and Governments’ program. Government does not only fall short of its promises in social or educational matters, but also in assurances of national minorities’ rights. Government and Seimas did not do anything to execute program of the Government, which actually has a power of a law.

Therefore, representatives of work teams, trade unions, employees of educational, cultural, social branches, as well as parents of schools of national minorities and Lithuanian schools are organizing a protest rally ‘Against unjust social and educational policy’. It will take place on Friday, 16th October, by the Government’s building on Gedimino alley 11 in Vilnius. The rally will start at 15:30.

According to organizers, around 2000 people could take part in the rally.