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Stable support for EAPL

The latest results of the survey, conducted by the company ‘Spinter tyrimai’ on ‘Delfi’ portal’s request, suggest that this August EAPL was supported by 4.2%.
Survey companies in Lithuania usually undercut the results of the party up to three times. The results are skewed due to the specifics of the survey process in the regions and specific attitudes of individuals and subjects that request the surveys.

Lithuanian survey companies inadequately predict the election results of EAPL and its leader Valdemar Tomaševski. For example, before the latest presidential elections in 2014, the polls reported 1.1%, while Valdemar Tomaševski received 8.4% of votes.

In 2014, only 2% voter support was predicted for EAPL, while the group received 8% of the vote, which is four times higher than forecasted. Similarly, in 2011, ‘Baltijos tyrimai’ predicted 2% voter support for EAPL, while the party enjoyed the support of 7%.

If using the foreign methods of determining the party’s popularity among voters, for example, in Poland, when the percentage of those not voting and undecided voters are not taken into account, the support for EAPL would rise by several percentage points, which in the case of EAPL would still be an understated forecast, as in reality it enjoys a double-digit percentage of voter support.

The survey was carried out on 22-31 August. The number of participants, or in other words sample size was 1013, and the age of participants ranged from 18 to 75.