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National Minorities Enrich Europe!

Sign the petition in order to contribute to a better future of national and linguistic minorities of Europe!

Ladies and gentlemen

Ensuring full rights of autochthonic national minorities in the European Union, on principles similar to those operating in Finland or Denmark, is a priority.

That is why a Europe-wide citizens’ initiative was created. In order to present the postulates protecting national minorities to the European institutions, it is necessary to collect 1 million signatures and to cross the threshold in at least 7 European countries. The six following countries, i.e. Hungary, Latvia, Slovakia, Romania, Denmark and Spain, have already exceeded or approached the minimum number of signatures required for each country. The threshold in Lithuania amounts to 8250 signatures. Until now, the collection of signatures in Lithuania has been organized by various non-governmental foundations. Unfortunately, few signatures were collected.

I turn to you with a call for involvement and signing this important for our community petition, thanks to which it will be possible to implement European standards in the field of protection of indigenous rights of national minorities, including Poles in Lithuania. Minority SafePack Initiative is a package of laws proposals, which guarantee the protection of national minorities, and a number of EU legal acts that enable the support of minority rights, the right to language and the protection of culture. The main objectives of the initiative can be summarized as: the security of national minorities and statutory regulations related to minorities, in particular, guaranteeing the use of the minority language in state and local government offices, electoral cards, information titles and public life.

The petition can be signed in Branches of the Association of Poles in Lithuania or electronically under the link before 28th March:

Form for collecting signatures

Thank you for your support.

Valdemar Tomaševski

Member of the European Parliament

President of the Vilnius District Branch of the Association of Poles in Lithuania

Form for collecting signatures